Digibeet’s Personnel

The Band of Nerds

                Nigel Nickleby

• English (from somewhere in Lancashire)
• Early 30’s
• Founder and Lead engineer
• Whacky inventor (“A new day, a new product!”)
• Enthusiastic and nerdy
• A bit of an amateur detective
• Well meaning and feels himself
  responsible (he is!)
• Always trying to be helpful
  but causing bigger problems
• Naïve and believes the most ridiculous stories.
• A terminal dreamer
• Always coming up with grand schemes
  to improve the island/the world/etc
• Communicates chaotically
• Has interesting (hyper complex) ideas,
  but confuses everyone when he tries to explain.
• Accident prone (closes briefcase with his tie in it).
• Walks into closets
• Gets lost easily
• For Nigel, Banania is a new frontier, a noble cause.

Connor O’Connor

• Marketing Director
• Middle 50’s
• Business partner
• Irish origin
• Enthusiastic
• Comes up with ridiculous 
  alliterative slogans
• Business-like
• Suspicious
• Has delusions of grandeur
• Wears a wig
• An old fashioned business tycoon
•  Naïve – especially when someone is
  appealing to his pride.
• A born snob 
• For Connor, life on Banania
  is what he was born to enjoy

Kees van de Dorp

• Company employee
• Late 20’s
• Mentally early 80’s
• Finances guy
• Dutch
• His hobby is to sift through
• Considers himself ‘The
  Loophole Warrior’
• Very tight with budgets
• Lives very frugally
• Nicknamed ‘Short arms, low
  pockets Kees’

Larry Lemming

• Company employee
• Early 30’s
• From Liverpool, England
• Electronics engineer
• Stubble chinned,
  unkempt and grubby
• Slightly smelly
• Into 1970’s Rock
  & The Beatles
• A dreamer
• Hazardous to be around
   if he is holding a power cable

Fritz Van Dam

• Company employee
• Mid 30’s
• American (of Dutch descent)
• Software programmer
•Very reliable
• Uber nerd
• Not a good communicator
  (with humans!)
• Eeyore – Always expecting
  things to go wrong
• Whiner
• Boring

Page Paine

• Company employee
• Late 20’s
• Customer Support Engineer 
• New Zealander
   (“No! Not Australian!!”)
• Is a monster in person
  and on the telephone.
• Hyper competitive
• Assumes nobody knows
  anything about anything
•Vegan Feminist
• Comes up for the ‘underdog’
• Wants all ‘green’ products
• Shares an apartment in Manta Ray Bay Resort with Lilly Dobson 

Lilly Dobson

• Company employee
• Mid 20’s
• ‘Lovely Lilly’
• Secretary
• Local islander
• Daughter of Rev. Obadiah, and
  Mrs Jemmy, Johnson, the cook
• Smarter than the techies
• Fixes their mistakes
• A little superstitious
• Shares an apartment in Manta Ray Bay Resort with Page Paine