Bug Trappist

• Episode 2. ‘Bug Trappist’
• Captures marauding insects
• Operational at night
• Located at Manta Ray Bay Resort

• Powerful spotlight
• Large fan at mouth
• Swivel base to direct beam upwards
• Large removable container for trapped insects

Fowl Feeder Gun

• Episode 4. ‘Fowl Feeder’
• Distributes bird feed
• Analyses and tracks individual birds
• Records most needy birds
• Shoots feed at most needy birds

• Individual ‘Marking Recognition’ scope
• Generous capacity bird feed hopper
• High definition video monitor
• Processor to record feeding behavior
• Swivel base to track targeted birds
• Automatic discharge when bird is analysed

Coconut Cropper

• Episode 6. ‘Coconut Cropper’
• Unmanned coconut finder and picker
• Spots and analyses ripe coconuts
• Picks coconuts and drops them into basket


• Long, double jointed legs for independent movement
• Long, flexible, extending neck
• Coconut targeting scopes
• Processor analyses coconuts for ripeness
• Large beak grips and snaps ripe coconuts from tree


Branch Cutter

• Episode 8. ‘Buried Treasure’
• Tree branch cutter drone
• Spots and analyses dead tree branches
• Cuts off dead branches using cutting blades


• Long, double jointed, cutting arms
• Powerful high speed rotors
• Stable height and motion control
• Targeting system analyses dead branches
• Drone processor allows autonomous navigation