Bananian Locations


• A small, fictitious, Caribbean island
• Capital: “St. Hilda’s”
• Area: 155 Sq. Km / 60 Sq. Miles
• Population: 20,000

• Manta Ray Bay Resort
• Mount Mungo Rain Forest
• Little Island
• Dogtown
• Leaky Lodge
• Fort Cosby
• Hanky Hall

St. Hilda’s

• Capitol of Banania​
• Population 8,000
• Police Station  + Jail
• Bed and Breakfast
• Market
• Broadcasting House (Old School House)
• Post Office
• Maranatha Mission
• Dutherbie’s Department Store
• ‘Bananian Bugle’ Newspaper
• ‘Cyber Burger’ Fast Food Restaurant
• ‘Tourist Information Office

Manta Ray Bay Resort –
‘The Technode’

• Digibeat offices and staff lodgings
• Motel type apartments and cottages – for sleeping
• High-tech mini office areas – for working
• Communications/board rooms – for conferencing
• Well equipped workshop for developing products
• For executives and personnel to escape to
• Separate, temporary, lodgings for retired experts.

A unique, relaxing environment, ​where hi-tech executives and personnel can work undisturbed and enjoy the unique beach-side environment
Motel type apartments and cottages – for sleeping
Bathrooms, but no kitchens
Separate apartment available for a visiting retired expert (and spouse), who is active in assisting local businesses.