Episode 1 – The Arrival

The DigiBeet team arrive in the middle of
the night, under a cloak of somewhat
leaky security.
Flashbacks provide the basis of the
Banania series.

Episode 2 – Bug Trappist

DigiBeet buy a house and transportation. Connor’s Cocktail attracts Banania’s insect population, while their hi-tech solution attracts some shady characters.

Episode 3 – Jumbies

A team-building walk has surprising consequences for Page Paine, who has just succeeded in exorcising
Manta Ray Bay Resort’s resident phantom.

Episode 4 – Fowl Feeder

Equal rights for geese lead the team to build an automated bird feeder.
Page Paine gets a new house guest, and unwanted visitors receive a rude surprise.

Episode 5 – Coconut Cropper

Larry Leming’s narrow escape, and Page’s pet python, inspire the team to build a coconut harvesting machine. Connor falls for Euphonia’s top secret agent, with dramatic consequences.

Episode 6 – Floating Digit

Nigel’s mum visits, transported to Banania
in the team’s heavily disguised lifeboat.
Page loses a friend, and one of Her Britannic Majesty’s destroyers fails to arrive.

Episode 7 – Clarence

Connor gets some unwelcome news.
Nigel’s mum encourages Digibeet to clean up its act, and a Euphonian spy reveals all.

Episode 8 -Buried Treasure

Nigel’s mum’s finds adventure as she joins Banania’s sole post person on her daily round. Graveyard treasure robbers are almost eclipsed by Euphonia’s attempt at an intelligence-gathering fly-over.

Episode 9 – Oil Change 

Digibeet receive the dubious attention of two lady agents, while the team develop a surprise for their bosses.
Their bus wins an oil change, and the directors find a new home.

Episode 10 – General Alert

Fritz van Dam attacks Manta Ray Bay’s encroaching vegetation, causing neighbouring Euphonia to scramble its military might. Connor O’Connor proves his worth as a salesman.    

Episode 11 – Bad Bus

The Digibeet team decide to automate their old bus, which learns to drive by itself. Unfortunately, as it gains new friends, the bus also develops an attitude, and quickly gets into conflict with a banana farmer.

Episode 12 – Spatter

Nigel’s mother learns to communicate with fish, but her system gets hijacked by the team, with unexpected results. US agents are sent to check up on Banania, but go Missing In Action.

Episode 13 – Friendly Fire

The team’s attempts to build a hyper efficient weed burner are almost fatally effective.
A visiting trainer has an interesting encounter with Banania’s wildlife.

Episode 14 – Hot Sugar

Lilly takes Nigel on a romantic visit to Hankie Hall, leading to the resurrection of the sugar mill, with disastrously predictable results. Budding barista, Herbert, attempts to inspire the Digibeet team to hire him.

Episode 15 – RoboDog

Digibeet’s attempts to find relief from the tropical heat get greedily sabotaged. Slow Joe makes a big impression on a new friend, much to the dismay of two uninvited guests.

Episode 16 – Smile

Gerda von Strudel, CEO of a tiny food based start-up, gets an unexpected invitation.
Herbert MacNevis’ Robots cause Banania’s populace to rage against the machine.

Episode 17 -Fickle Plumbing

Gerda and her UberSnak team move into Hankey Hall and get an unexpected welcome. While post-person Emily sets out to catch a suspected illegal parcel service.

Episode 18 – Huey 

Huey Bloomsbury, UberSnak’s charming marketing manager, has a disastrous date with Lilly, Digibeet’s secretary.
Both Lilly and Page Paine attempt to sabotage Gerda Von Strudel’s special picnic, with interesting results

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